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Background Services

The Attorneys of Our Firm can perform a number of valuable services related to your background record

Colorado Background Check Audit

Don’t know what is on your record? If you are searching for a job, or for any other reason, we can work with you to determine what you background check looks like in Colorado and if any portion of it can be sealed or otherwise mitigated. We will examine your Colorado record and check it against the statutory criteria for sealing records in Colorado. We will give you our opinion regarding whether or not any particular events may be sealed, expunged or destroyed and we will be able to give you a full cost estimate to handle the job. This service is good for anyone who is unsure of what their history contains, or has several known events but cannot remember (or find the paperwork to determine) the ultimate disposition of the case. We can, of course, make determinations on an individual arrest event basis, or examine your entire CBI report.

Federal Background Audit and Correction

If you have had encounters with state agencies (normally, the police, or other investigative or enforcement agency) outside of Colorado, or with federal authorities in any location, we can help you to find out how this has affected your record. We are able to request background reports from many state agencies, from third party providers, and (with your fingerprints and permission) your FBI “identification” (basically, criminal) report, which includes all state offenses which were reported to the FBI. We can also work to help correct any information on this report which may not be correct.

Firearms Background Audit and Determination Appeals

The laws for gun, handgun, shotgun and other firearms purchases and transfers in Colorado has changed. If you are looking to take possession of a firearm, you may be subject to a background check. Please see our dedicated firearms check page, which is up to date for the new law, for more information.

Audit: Prior to your firearms purchase, we can examine your record to determine how likely you are to meet Colorado’s criteria to be approved to receive the firearm in the proposed transfer. We can explore several different databases and we can aid you in getting your FBI background check. A note about mental health information: it is difficult to impossible for us to determine what your mental health records are unless YOU are able to recall the information. However, if you are denied for a mental health reason, they must make the information available to you and you may appeal the finding.

Appealing a Decision If you have been denied approval to receive a firearm in a Colorado transfer, or you have been denied a CCW permit (permit to carry a concealed weapon) you still have options. First, the decision to not approve you may be improper, EVEN IF BASED UPON CORRECT INFORMATION, and therefore may not hold up if subjected to the proper challenges upon appeal. Our firm will handle your appeal if you have been wrongly denied based upon correct information. You may also have been denied because of incorrect information. If this is the case, we can help to correct the information.