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Does My Record Qualify to Be sealed?

Is My Record Eligible to be Sealed?

Regarding the Record you would like to have sealed, if:

If any of the above apply to your background record, then you likely qualify to have your record for that event sealed. If you do not fit the above description, you may still be eligible under several other provisions of the record seal and expungement laws. Learn about sealing or expunging certain drug convictions.Some, which are older than 10 years, for example, also qualify. Please contact us at 303-459-7898 for a consultation we can likely tell you whether or not you qualify.

Not all records qualify to be sealed, even if they fit the above criteria. We recommend consulting with a lawyer before undergoing the cost associated with the petition.

Some exceptions to the above general rules:

Even if one of the above applies, the following records generally cannot be sealed:

  • Records pertaining to a class 1 or class 2 misdemeanor traffic offenses;
  • Records pertaining to a class A or class B traffic infraction;
  • A conviction for a violation of section 42-4-1301 (1) or (2), C.R.S. (driving under the influence)
  • Certain convictions for offenses, the factual basis involved unlawful sexual behavior, as defined in section 16-22-102 (9), C.R.S.
  • Records pertaining to a conviction of an offense concerning the holder of a commercial driver’s license as defined in section 42-2-402, C.R.S., or the operator of a commercial motor vehicle as defined in section 42-2-402, C.R.S

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