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Drug Convictions

Certain types of Colorado Drug Convictions may qualify to be sealed

Possession of Controlled Substance Convictions CAN, in some Cases, Be SEALED in Colorado

If you have a conviction for a possession of a controlled substance, you may be eligible to have that record sealed. The rules and procedure surrounding this law are more complex than the law which allows the sealing of records related to records other than records of convictions.

Colorado has two specific statutes that also allow for the sealing of past drug convictions. Because of the complex nature of these cases, we can only price them on a case by case basis and, typically, must charge an hourly rate due to the fact that it is more difficult to predict the amount of work which need be done.

The Attorneys of Our Law Firm Can Help Seal Your Drug Case

If you have a drug conviction in your past and did not commit any offenses for at least three years after that conviction (this is NOT always the required time – it depends on the date of the conviction), you may be eligible. You are welcome to call our office and discuss whether or not you may be able to request to have those records sealed. The statute allowing drug convictions to be sealed is somewhat complex. We may have to take some time to evaluate your eligibility, depending on the case. That said, we may also be able to determine quite quickly whether or not you would qualify.

If you case was dismissed, later dismissed due to a deferred prosecution or deferred judgment plea bargain, or if you were found not guilty, you are probably eligible to proceed under the much simpler (and less costly) procedure outlined in Our Adult Criminal Records Seal Page, click HERE.