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Eligibility Evaluations

Evaluate the Eligibility of your Colorado Record Seal Request – Does your Arrest or Criminal Record Qualify?

We can help you determine if you qualify to have your record sealed

Often, simply reading the statute is not enough to determine if you qualify to have your record sealed. This is because, often, it is a legal opinion rather than a fact stated simply within the text of the law. Sometimes it can be tricky to determine if a particular offense, disposition, deferred disposition, deferred judgment, deferred prosecution or other disposition qualifies. Other times, it may depend on the specific county as to whether or not the Court there will accept a certain definition of a particular term and allow the petition to proceed.

If you are unable to determine whether or not you qualify, we offer an eligibility evaluation. For a reduced rate, we will give you our opinion of your eligibility to ask the court to order your record to be sealed. Afterwards, if you wish to file a petition to have the record sealed, we will apply that fee towards the cost that we charge for the actual filing of the petition for the sealing of the record.

If you are confident that you are eligible, then you simply pay the entire fee, if our review reveals that you would not be eligible to proceed, we will refund you the fee minus the cost of the eligibility evaluation.

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